The moment I realized how much I need to study for my finals is also the moment I realized that I haven't blogged in a while.  So here I am...procrastinating as usual.  But I figured, if everything goes according to plan (such as, passing my finals) then I will survive Quarter 3. I gave myself … Continue reading Almost..



I celebrated my birthday over the weekend because adulting. My husband got home early on Friday so we got to spend the whole day together and him coming home that early threw my whole schedule off that I forgot to go to my dentist appointment (I didn't realize until the next day). On Saturday, he … Continue reading Birthday

Quarter 2

I can't believe how fast 11 weeks have gone by. I'm done with my finals!!! I feel like the first day of quarter 2 was just yesterday and I thought I wouldn't survive it because of the amount of reading and homework I had to do. But hey, here I am surviving. I made it … Continue reading Quarter 2


I can't believe I haven't blogged in almost a month! I've been so busy and these weeks are just FLYING BY! I think we are on week 8 in school this coming Monday! Yoooo I survived 7 weeks of BSN school so far haha it's rough but I'm surviving.  I did SO MUCH homework today so … Continue reading Wow